“Reiki” is pure life force energy, and a simple, profound protocol for working with that energy. Often regarded as “a laying on of hands,” it is actually a method for channeling the life force to yourself or another for healing. 

Reiki is universal, and can be made accessible to any ethnic, racial, or religious group, as long as no dogma is attached. As such, Reiki for Reparation is designed to bring this healing energy full force into the Black DAEUS community.

DAEUS stands for “Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States.” The havoc that institution wreaked on our ancestors is no secret, nor are the effects of various types of overt and covert racism on our present-day communities. Health disparities, mental distress, spiritual disconnection, and educational, political, and financial disempowerment are just a few of the areas in which we need a deep healing. The damage done has been forced upon us. The reparation will, and has always, come from within.

When you purchase this bundle, you’ll be given the tools, the support, and the guidance to begin using Reiki for the benefit of yourself and others. You’ll be certified as a Reiki Level 1 and 2 practitioner, plus receive a variety of bonus materials to help accelerate your ability to work with this energy

Video lectures, course slides, and downloadable manuals are supplemented with articles, meditations, and other academic materials, and you'll enjoy LIFETIME ACCESS to them all. Join a community of healers via our Facebook group, where you can continue to learn, discuss, and share the impact of this work even after you complete the course.

Reiki for Reparation is not just another online class, and there are no other Reiki programs like it. This is a movement for our healing. Join us.