About Carmen

Creator, FreeForm Embodied Liberation

If you’re exhausted from catering to systems of oppression and ready to move forward on a path to personal freedom, I got you.

Welcome! My name is Carmen, and I’m here to help you as you journey.

As an Embodied Liberation Coach, I help people who identify as Black or BIPOC navigate their way out of oppressive situations and live out their visions of liberation.

I hold sacred space for you to do the work of setting yourself free.

During our shared time, we’ll use the information and wisdom inherent in your own body as our primary resource and guide.

Modalities we may use include yoga, dance and creative movement, inner relationship focusing, breathwork, meditation, tapping, Reiki and ancestral energy work, self-massage, and others.

Please feel free to contact me via email with questions, or go ahead and book a free Embodied Liberation Consultation with me today.

I look forward to supporting you on your freedom journey!