Start Your Freedom Journey

Tune in to the body to find your deep truth.
8-week program begins January 19, 2022.

The Body is always speaking. In it's message you will always find truth.

In a world structured by systems that feed off of our belief in their lies, this is important.

It means that we can break free.

It means that we already have the vast majority of what we need within us.

And it means that you don't necessarily need to seek out a guru, a leader, or a teacher to tell you what's real. The ultimate truth-teller is always with you, always communicating, just waiting for your attention.

All you need is space and support to unlearn the lies and lifestyle of distraction you've been taught.

In the right container, with like-minded folks around you, you'll find that the ultimate truth-teller is YOU.

Once you can tune in and listen to the message, you can begin to live that truth.

This is self-determination.

This is freedom.

What we'll cover

  • 1

    Welcome, Freedom Seeker!

    • A message from your Coach

    • Before you go...

    • Next steps

  • 2

    Preparing for the Freedom Journey

    • Setting the Space

    • Setting Your Intentions

    • Community Agreements

    • Preparing the BodyMindSoul

    • Embodied Practice: Body Scan Meditation

    • Week 1 Group Coaching Zoom Link (January 19, 2022)

    • Private Facebook Group Link

    • Week 1 Replay

  • 3

    Getting Grounded

    • Week 2 Intro: Getting Grounded with Deep Rest

    • Honoring From Whence We Came

    • Embodied Practice: Do Nothing Meditation

    • Week 2 Group Coaching Link (January 26, 2022)

    • Week 2 Questions for Reflection

  • 4

    The Sensuous Self

    • Week 3 Intro: Feeling Ourselves

    • Feeling What's Outside: Exteroception

    • Feeling What's Around Us: Proprioception

    • Feeling Inside: Interoception

    • Embodied Practice: Walking (Moving) Meditation

    • Week 3 Questions for Reflection

    • Week 3 Group Coaching Link (Wednesday, February 2, 2022)

  • 5

    Illuminating Your True Nature

    • Week 4 Intro: Finding Our True Nature in Joy

    • Defining Joy

    • Setting Boundaries, External and Internal

    • Inner Relationship Focusing: Demo with Creator Ann Weiser Cornell

    • Inner Relationship Focusing Script

    • Bonus: Embodied Solar Plexus Practices (from Opening to Spirit)

    • Wood Chopper Image (from Opening to Spirit)

    • Week 4 Questions for Reflection

    • Week 4 Group Coaching Link (Wednesday, February 9, 2022)

  • 6

    Love, Trust, Courage

    • Week 5 Intro: Love and Liberation

    • Embodied Practice: Heart Talks

    • Bonus Embodied Heart Opening Practices (form Opening to Spirit)

    • Isis Pose Picture

    • Week 5 Questions for Reflection

    • Week 5 Group Coaching Link (Wednesday, February 23, 2022)

  • 7

    Release & Resonance

    • Week 6 Intro: Creating a Vibe

    • Embodied Practice: Opening the Throat

    • Neck Rotations, Shoulder Stand, and Humming Bee (from Opening to Spirit)

    • Chants, Bops, and a Good Word

    • Week 6 Questions for Reflection

    • Week 6 Group Coaching Link (Wednesday, March 2, 2022)

  • 8

    Envisioning the Highest Manifestation of Truth

    • Week 7 Intro: The Mind is a Part of the Body

    • Embodied Practice: The Squat

    • Additional Practice: Embodied Analysis

    • Week 7 Questions for Reflection

    • Week 7 Group Coaching Link (Wednesday, March 9, 2022)

  • 9

    Walking in Holistic Purpose

    • Week 8 Intro: Rest, Receive, & Integrate

    • A note about this week's Embodied Practice (Microcosmic Orbit with Extended Savasana)

    • Embodied Practice: Microcosmic Orbit (Videos)

    • Microcosmic Orbit - written explanation (plus Ovarian Breathing Practice)

    • Cosmic Orbit by Master Mantak Chia (MO explanation on page 139)

    • Embodied Practice: Extended Savasana

    • Week 8 Question for Reflection

    • Week 8 Group Coaching Link (Wednesday, March 16, 2022)

Who Will Be Served Here

Black folks deserve deep freedom.

This program is for Black folks who are ready to get free. 

It is for those of us who take the internal work of self-sovereignty seriously, and see its connection to the external, communal work of liberation as both beautiful symbolism and practical pursuit. 

This is for people who understand that the personal is political, and who know their healing ripples out to effect change in the collective.

Finally, this is for my people who have become severely uncomfortable with their own status quo - beautiful melanated people for whom the tension between what is and what is meant has become too great. It's for people who are feeling the weight of a new calling in the tension in their shoulders, the aches in their backs and feet, the queasiness in their stomachs as they begin another day lived in less-than truth. 

This is for the folks who understand that these pains and discomforts are the body whispering a vision of a new, vibrant life... but who have been struggling to hear.

Set You FREE! is for Black folks who know they deserve a freedom they can feel...

...and who are ready to claim it.

The Community Imperative

Why we do this work together.

"Freedom is individual. Liberation is collective." ~Shawna Murray-Browne

We need each other.

Not just to get free, but to BE free.

Without the support of community, it is much more difficult to walk your Freedom Journey without sacrificing some part of what is vital to you.

Without the support of community, it is impossible to maintain whatever manifestation of our Freedom Vision we manage to achieve. The external forces that benefit from our bondage are too strong to keep at bay alone.

And truly, the personal Freedom Vision that does not include our collective liberation... usually isn't anything more than a remix of oppression where the individual doing the dreaming lands on top.

Community is both the how and the why of Embodied Liberation work. In order for any one of us to truly be free, all of us must be free.

In fact, even in the 1:1 Embodied Liberation Coaching program, one of the first things I encourage people to do is to find their tribe and get plugged in.

There is NOTHING - no amount of meditation, yoga, reading, talking, journaling, or anything else - that can replace real human support.

In Set You FREE!, that support is built in to ensure that you have everything you need to succeed in manifesting your personal Freedom Vision, and to help us know what it feels like to create liberated collectives based on deep community care.

As we continue our Freedom Journeys after this program, we'll be able to identify and design those safe spaces for ourselves and our people wherever we go.

Tune in & Live True

Follow the feeling that is calling you in deeper, so that you can break free and expand into all that you are.

Your Coach

Embodied Liberation Coach & Energetic Sovereignty Trainer

Carmen R. H. Chandler

The short story: I want all Black folks to get free, and I’m committed to using all of my gifts and talents (especially those in the realm of BodyMindSpirit healing, self-development, and empowerment) in service of our collective liberation. My vision is a world where we are all free and feeling whole enough to operate in alignment with the Earth, the cosmos, our own true natures, and each other. The long story: Carmen R. H. Chandler calls forth ancient wisdom, healing, and embodiment techniques to create modern holistic wellness programs. A native of the Washington, DC area, she is dedicated to providing innovative, culturally relevant health solutions for the Black community. Infusing her work as an Embodied Liberation Coach, Reiki Instructor, dance healer, and educator with principles rooted in the African diaspora, she is a self-professed “student of the old-school, teacher of the new.” Living by the adage that a healer is one who heals herself, Carmen uses her knowledge and experience to create workshops, design courses, invoke rituals, and hold spaces where others can do the same. Carmen is the creator of FreeForm Embodied Liberation. She received a B.A in African American studies and a B.A. in Communications from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was certified in Massage Therapy by the Arizona School of Massage Therapy, and in MindBody Therapy by Embodied Philosophy.

Your Offering

May the seed you plant here lead to your flourishing!

To make this extensive 8-week program as accessible as possible, three payment options are available:

Check in with your body

Feel into your truth & let it lead your decision.

  • Sit with yourself and the information you've gained here. Take a deep breath. Then, tune into your body as you consider the following:

  • What is the biggest obstacle between you and your truest, most liberated self right now?

  • How does the thought of that obstacle manifest in your physical body and/or day-to-day life?

  • What is it that you really want to gain from your Freedom Journey?

  • How will it feel in your body when you fully claim that piece of freedom for yourself?

  • How will your freedom show up in your day-to-day life once you are standing in it fully?

  • How have you tried to create this vision of freedom for yourself in the past?

  • Why didn't that work, or why isn't it working now?

  • Are you ready to go deeper into yourself to discover the internal and external factors obstructing your freedom?

  • Are you willing to do this work in community, holding space for other Black folks to get free as they hold space for you?

Live Liberated.

Begin your Freedom Journey in a healing space, with embodied guidance and a community of support surrounding you.

Have questions?

Schedule a free consultation to see if this is the best next step for you.